Victim recounts frightening moments during carjacking

Victim recounts frightening moments during carjacking
Peter Nguyen describes how he was carjacked early Friday morning. (KATU image)

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Peter Nguyen is still shaken.

He said he is still reliving every step he took as he left his manufacturing job in Beaverton just after midnight and was then carjacked by a man with a gun.

“I'm thinking, he's gonna shoot me,” Nguyen, 39, recalled as he described the incident.

Two suspects, Omarcus Zenus Rhone-Fields-James, 18, and a 17-year-old, were later arrested after running from Nguyen’s car. Nguyen's incident was one of two carjacking incidents in Beaverton early Friday morning.

Nguyen said he was walking towards his Lexus in the parking lot near his workplace when he noticed a person approaching him. He said the man began asking him for directions to the MAX station.

It wasn't until the man got right up close to Nguyen that he realized he was being carjacked.

The man took out a gun and said "put your hands up!” Nguyen said. “I put my hands up and ask 'are you a police officer?' He says 'give me the money"”

The suspect took Nguyen’s wallet, keys, even his lunchbox. But when he asked for his cell phone, Nguyen said he patted his pockets and convinced the suspect he didn’t have one.

The suspect got into Nguyen’s car and then demanded he get in as well.

“I'm thinking, if I come in, he's gonna shoot me for sure,” Nguyen said.

To his relief, the suspect drove off without him. That's when Nguyen said he got out his phone and called 9-1-1. Due to his heavy accent, he said a co-worker helped explain to police what happened.

Within minutes, police said they located Nguyen’s car nearby on Electric Street where the two suspects got out and tried to flee. They arrested Rhone-Fields-James at the scene and said he's the person who carjacked Nguyen.

The other suspect, a minor, was arrested after being found at a nearby apartment complex.

Nguyen said he is relieved at how things turned out. “I feel happy about it,” he told KATU News.

Nguyen said he went home after the incident, skipped his usual activities like working out and watching TV, went in his bedroom and locked the door as he mulled over the events that took place.

He said he has a message for anyone who works late at night: “From now on, at night time, if you try to get in the car, lock it right away,” he advised.

In the other incident, a woman said she was able to grab her keys and run from her car after a man police said may be a transient got into the passenger seat at a stop sign, pulled out a knife and threatened to rape her.

She was not hurt but that suspect remains on the loose.