Video: Man randomly fires pistol from moving car in Vancouver

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This is a still image from a YouTube video that allegedly shows 23-year-old Ronnie Michael Wynn randomly firing a pistol out the window of a moving car in Vancouver.

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A disturbing video posted on YouTube shows a man driving around Vancouver firing a pistol randomly in a residential neighborhood.

KATU's news partners at The Columbian first reported that Vancouver police say the man in the video is 23-year-old Ronnie Michael Wynn.

He's in Clark County Jail facing several charges, unrelated to the video.

Much of the video is shot just north of Vancouver's Evergreen High School. The stupidity and recklessness shown in the video is infuriating to watch.

Vancouver police say the video discovered on Ronnie Michael Wynn's Facebook page shows Wynn earlier this summer.

The video begins on Northeast 138th Street, heading south from 39th Avenue. Then 22 seconds in Wynn points the gun out the window and fires a shot, startling the female passenger holding the camera. Moments later, he boasts about it.

He continues driving south toward the intersection of Northeast 28th street. As he does he pulls out what appears to be an assault rifle. But instead of firing, he puts it down and grabs the camera for the only close up of his face.

A short time later the camera is back with the passenger, and Wynn's looking for another opportunity to fire.

For a moment it appears he'll shoot toward homes on Northeast 28th Street near Emmanuel Baptist Church.

But instead he turns into a neighborhood and says, "I should have popped that (expletive deleted)."

Seconds later the passenger gives her approval: "Oh baby, I just love you," she's heard saying.

As the video ends it's clear Wynn's not done.

"I'm going to let you out at the corner here," he says. "I'm going to the next corner down, OK."

Vancouver police arrested Wynn in July after he crashed a vehicle reported stolen.

The weapons in the video may be the pistol and assault rifle that Wynn is accused of stealing from his uncle.

Full YouTube Video: Warning: Disturbing. Contains profanity: