Ward Weaver’s stepson arrested, suspect in drug-related Canby murder

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Francis Weaver.

CANBY, Ore. – Police have arrested a third suspect in a drug-related murder in Canby over the weekend, and it’s the stepson of convicted killer Ward Weaver.

Police arrested 31-year-old Francis Paul Weaver of Canby. His father, Ward Weaver, was convicted of killing Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis in his Oregon City home in 2002.

Francis Weaver called 911 in 2002 to turn his father in as the double-murderer who killed Oregon City teenage girls Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

“I need to tell everyone about my father, man, about what he did to those girls,” Francis Weaver told a 911 operator, “I know what he did.  He did it.  He kidnapped those girls.  He raped them and he killed them.”

Two years later, as he was trying to start a career as a rap artist under the name “Kula Adricula,” Francis Weaver told KATU News about the emotional impact the murders had on he and the rest of his family.

“We were disgusted,” Francis Weaver said.”We were hit just as hard emotionally as the community, as the public, as those families. I mean, it was something that really hurt us”

The victim in this weekend’s murder was 43-year-old Edward Kelly Spangler from Grants Pass.

Two other people have also been arrested in the case, 27-year-old Michael A. Orren and 32-year-old Shannon Bettencourt. Orren faces one count of murder and one count of first-degree robbery. Bettencourt is also charged with murder and one count of robbery in the second degree.

Police said Spangler had been shot before he was found dead inside a car that crashed into a tree in a Canby Park.

Detectives believe Spangler was shot during a drug deal gone bad at an apartment complex on Locust Street. The suspects attempted to rob Spangler, according to police.

It’s unclear how Spangler got away, but police said he crashed a car at Locust Park.

Canby Police Chief Bret Smith said police initially believed Spangler had died from the impact of the crash. Citizens on the scene were attempting CPR when police arrived at the crash just after 5 a.m. Sunday.

Paramedics arrived soon after, and determined Spangler was dead.

Shannon Bettencourt (left) and Michael A. Orren