Water main breaks, dirty water in nearby taps

Water main breaks, dirty water in nearby taps

PORTLAND, Ore. – An eight-inch water main broke in Northeast Portland on Tuesday morning, causing dirty water to flow from taps in the area.

The main broke at the intersection of NE 22nd Avenue and Highland Street.

City crews aren’t sure how it happened, but said they were able to redirect some water flows to keep service to many homes in the area; however, some customers on Rosa Parks, Holman, Highland and Liberty Streets may temporarily have no water service or have low pressure, a water bureau spokesman said.

Some customers called the water bureau to say they had dirty water flowing as a result of the break.

Repair crews will start their work once the water in the main is shut off, the spokesman said.

They aren’t sure how the break happened. There is also no timetable to get it fixed, although the spokesman said repairs typically take six to eight hours.

Motorists and bicyclists are urged to avoid the intersection.

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