'We just cut the belt and pulled him through the window'

'We just cut the belt and pulled him through the window'

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A Vancouver man’s quick thinking helped save a man’s life after his car hit a pole and burst into flames early Saturday morning.

Police said Brian J. Hall, 22, was driving at a high rate of speed with 2 passengers when his car hit the pole at Grand Boulevard and McLaughlin Boulevard just before 2:00 a.m. The car caught fire after the collision.

James Bray lives across the street and heard the crash. He got dressed and ran outside with a flashlight, a knife and his Leatherman tool.

“I looked out my front window and saw the car wrapped around the light pole and saw flames,” said Bray. “I just told my wife to call 911.”

Hall’s 2 passengers were able to get out of the car but Hall couldn’t get out, Bray said.

“I just pulled out my flashlight and I hit the window as hard as I could and it was breaking and I hit it two or three times and the window broke in.”

Bray said flames made it tough for the three of them to get Hall out of the car. Bray used his Leatherman tool to cut the seat belt.

“We just cut the belt and pulled him through the window,” said Bray.

Hall suffered severe burns, police said. He is in Legacy Emanuel Hospital in critical condition.

“If we had waited until the firemen came he wouldn’t have made it out,” said Bray.


 Photo courtesy: The Columbian