West Linn High mock trial students stranded by Sandy

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The West Linn High School mock trial team.

Superstorm Sandy has stranded a group of West Linn High School students in New York City. They were supposed to fly home Monday, but the storm canceled those plans. And all they could do was ride out the storm.

Video shot by the students showed construction netting torn away on a nearby building and photos showed downed limbs in a nearby park.

The West Linn High School mock trial team was in New York for a tournament when Sandy hit, canceling flights and stranding students like Mary Earp and her mom, Deb Schaeffer.

"It's really hard because we weren't expecting to be here this long," said Earp. "But we definitely adapted."

"We were actually in a safe place," said Schaeffer. "We're really lucky to be here. There are parts very nearby that there's extreme devastation."

Back home in Portland, Earp's dad, Ron, said his family has rode out storms before, but "we're all together. Being apart is a whole different story, so it's been pretty concerning," he said.

From New York, West Linn student Adam Lee said: "I was a little bit nervous last night. We heard some bumping on the side of the building, and we'd already seen a number of cranes falling off other buildings."

The group was told to keep their shades closed in case windows shattered, but that didn't happen.

"But we're all really excited and anxious to get home – definitely," said Earp.

The earliest they now think they might catch a flight back home is Saturday but even that's not guaranteed.