What were KATU's 20 most popular stories of 2013?

What were KATU's 20 most popular stories of 2013?

These were KATU.com's most popular local stories of 2013, based on page views.

1. The most-viewed post on KATU was the heartbreaking story of Salmon Creek's Caran Johnson, who unwittingly live-tweeted her husband's fatal car accident.

2. People around the world were fascinated by the story of Dustin Moore, who found a picture of his beloved dead grandma on Google street view.

3. Everybody loves to read about bungling criminals, and the story about 22-year-old Derrick Mosley's alleged failed attempt to rob a gun store with a baseball bat was right in the sweet spot.

4. Firefighters rescued a woman who fell part way down a 20-foot wall and got stuck between two buildings for almost four hours.

Watch: Video of the rescue and 911 call excerpts.

5. A man bought a car from a Portland dealership. No big deal, right? But his life got complicated quickly when police told him it was stolen.

6. We got word early on the morning of July 31 that NBA star and former Portland prep standout Terrence Jones had been arrested. But things took an ugly turn when KATU.com learned he was accused of stomping on a homeless man outside a downtown club.

7. How could Gordon Michael Strauss, a man just released from a hospital for sexual psychopaths and a history of snatching teenage girls off the street, be allowed to roam free on the streets of Portland? 

8. Police said an intoxicated semi-truck driver went the wrong way on the I-205 bridge and decimated a woman's car.

9. Two Hillsboro 7-year-olds were disciplined for having an imaginary sword fight at school.

10. A Portland woman described how she fought and killed a hit man.

11. A Gresham baker was investigated by the state for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

12. We paid a visit to the Squaw Mountain nudist resort.

13. Experts warned the public not to touch a bunch of metal cylinders that were washing ashore in Lincoln City and Florence.

14. Volunteers searched for Kyron Horman in NW Portland.

15. One of the men arrested in connection with a child porn video involving two young girls was the brother of Yashanee Vaughn, a teenage girl who was murdered two years ago.

16. An Oregon State Police officer was shot during a traffic stop.

Watch: Chilling video of the shooting of OSP trooper Matthew Zistel. Warning - this video is disturbing.

17. KATU's extensive review of NCAA documents shed new light on the Oregon Ducks' football investigation.

18. A woman survived after a massive beam fell off a semi-truck onto her car on the Marquam Bridge, causing the car to catch fire.

19. The father of Jadin Bell - the gay 15-year-old La Grande boy who killed himself on the playground after being bullied - was killed on a cross-country walk to honor his son.

20. The owners of Sweet Cakes bakery responded to the firestorm over their decision not to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple.