Man killed in Vancouver shooting tried to break into suspect's car, attorney says

Man killed in Vancouver shooting tried to break into suspect's car, attorney says

VANCOUVER, Wash. – An attorney representing a Vancouver murder suspect involved in a shooting early Tuesday morning said Sean H. Doucette, 27, saw a man breaking into his car and confronted him in the street.

In a court appearance Wednesday morning, Doucette's attorney said his client got into a physical confrontation with the man, took out his gun, and shot him four times.

Friends and family told KATU News the person who was shot and killed was 19-year-old Iosif Dumitrash.

The prosecution argued that Dumitrash was trying to get away, and that deadly force was not justifiable.

Doucette's bail was reduced from $500,000 to $250,000.

At first police said it was a homeowner who shot a prowler near 150th Avenue and Northeast 33rd Street at 4 a.m., but by Tuesday afternoon, that homeowner, identified as Doucette, was taken to the Clark County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder.

A law enforcement source told KATU News that two 911 calls were made inside the home of Doucette and the person who called about the prowler was his wife.

They said he was hanging out in a house with friends nearby, and that he left to "cool off." That's the last time they saw him.

When police showed up around the corner, friends and family waited and were worried it was the young man they called honest and trustworthy.

Folks around the neighborhood were still shaken Tuesday night and many said Doucette and his wife kept to themselves.

Sonny Khan, who lives a couple doors down from Doucette, said he was taking a shower when he heard about four gunshots.

Just before the bullets started flying, he said he heard a car alarm.

Doucette worked as an armed security guard at First Response Inc., according to the company's president, Dave Foglio, who said Doucette had a clean record and was a good employee of at least four years.

Foglio said Doucette is licensed in Oregon to be an armed officer, has his own weapon and carries it home.

KATU News tried to contact Doucette's wife and relatives but didn't hear back Tuesday.

This story will be updated with more information as we learn it.