What was that in the sky? No, not the fireworks... that other thing

What was that in the sky? No, not the fireworks... that other thing

PORTLAND, Ore. - Did you see it? There's talk of UFOs seen from the waterfront in downtown Portland before last night's fireworks show.

A KATU photographer caught it in this video:

There was even some talk in the Seattle area about lights spotted up there. @Hammonds253 tweeted "check this out over South Hill last night..I have video as well pic.twitter.com/dyfnGxLZ5s."

What do you think it was - aliens, a secret government aircraft or something totally explainable?

KATU Reporter Erica Nochlin talked to Jim Todd, the director of Space Science Education at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, to get his take on it and he told us right away that he's pretty sure it was sky lanterns folks saw in the sky.

"Based on what we've been told, it's not moving much at all and it appears to be kind of drifting," Todd said. "It's probably a sky lantern - I'm pretty confident that it is."

That might burst your bubble a little but that doesn't mean you can't still be a believer that it was something else - perhaps from out of this world. What do you think Fox Mulder would say?

Photo courtesy KATU viewer Amy Amaya, who said she saw this formation the night of July 4th. "It stayed in the triangle shape and flew straight for about three minutes. Then it shifted some and then disappeared," she wrote in an email.