'I was like freaking out:' Blazers' Lillard gives Tigard teen day to remember

'I was like freaking out:' Blazers' Lillard gives Tigard teen day to remember
Damian Lillard, left, and 15-year-old Siros Ardestani.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Siros Ardestani really disliked Damian Lillard on Wednesday.

That lasted about an hour.

An unpleasant run-in at the mall with his favorite Portland Trail Blazer turned into the best day of the 15-year-old Ardestani's life when the reigning Rookie of the Year harnessed the power of Twitter to make amends.

“This is probably the biggest highlight of my life,” Ardestani said Thursday morning. “I was really happy. I was like freaking out.”

Ardestani was hanging out at the mall with some friends when he ran into Lillard – who was also with a friend – at Nordstrom.

Ardestani said even though Lillard looked busy, he asked for a picture and was turned down.

“He was just like ‘No man, I’m busy shopping,’” Ardestani said. “Right after he said that, I was mad and sad.”

On his way home, Ardestani checked Twitter and saw that Lillard had posted about the incident, saying he regretted it. Ardestani tweeted back, and the two arranged a meeting back at the mall.

The two got their picture, and the story quickly went viral.

Ardestani, who said he failed to make the Tigard High School basketball team last season one day after his uncle died, has long hoped the sport would make him famous one day. Maybe not like this, but still.

“I’m on the front page of Yahoo, Bleacher Report …” he said. “That was one of my dreams was to be on the front page of Yahoo.”

Here's the timeline, as told through tweets:

It started out when Ardestani and his friends headed to the mall.

When they got there, who should they run into but Lillard. Ardestani approached Lillard and asked to take a picture with him. Ardestani's friends were not impressed with the result. One friend weighed in on Twitter and said Lillard said no and walked away. Another saw a little more humor in it.

Here's where things start to get interesting. Lillard said it went a little differently, and immediately felt bad.

 Ardestani wasn't going to hold a grudge against one of his favorite players.

And that's where the story normally would usually end, right? Nope.

Ardestani was impressed with the reaction.

 So are his friends.

Somewhere around this time, the national media caught on. Here's Bruce Arthur of the National Post.

And Ardestani was suddenly having himself a heck of a day.

 The best day of his life was about to get better. He even got to check out Lillard's Porsche Panamera.

And just like that, Ardestani had his picture.

Jealousy, of course, ensued.

 And Ardestani enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame.

Turns out, Ardestani's met a few other Blazers this year.

But none was quite as memorable as this one.