'Why are they putting my family on the news?'

'Why are they putting my family on the news?' »Play Video
Screen shot from the film.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mystery solved.

We now know the family who is seen in decades-old film that turned up at a local thrift shop.

The story began when some amateur sleuths recently posted the film online looking for clues. Folks on Reddit started chiming in with ideas, but it wasn't until the story aired on KATU that it all came together.

We began getting calls from family members just hours after we showed the long-lost home movies. Several of them still live in the area and word spread fast in the family. They were all shocked, but very happy, to see themselves as kids.

Sixty-four-year-old Candy Payne was just nine years old at the time and doesn't remember seeing the movie as a kid.

"I was totally amazed," she said. "Why are they putting my family on the news? (laughs) Good grief. Yeah, my Aunt Ruby and Uncle Irving used to take all those movies."

Payne's husband just died of a heart attack about a week ago and she said seeing the footage really brightened up what's been a heartbreaking time for her.

The guys who posted the movies online, Tony Schilling and Kell Dockham, gave the film back to Payne, along with DVD copies for the family.

"I'll cherish this for life," Payne said.

Candy Payne talks to Kell Dockham (left) and Tony Schilling (right).