'Why is an insurance company even bothering with something so silly?'

'Why is an insurance company even bothering with something so silly?'
Monkey suit or bigfoot?

EUGENE, Ore. - Do you believe in Bigfoot?

One in three residents of Washington state and the Portland area said "Yes" in a poll conducted by PEMCO Insurance Northwest.

About one in 10 said they’ve actually seen a bigfoot or know someone who has seen one.

Portland-area residents are less convinced, though, than their Washington counterparts, PEMCO said.

More than half of Portlanders – 55 percent – doubt that the creature exists, and 85 percent are certain they’ve never seen one themselves.
Still, more than a quarter of those polled in Portland – 28 percent – embrace the possibility that Sasquatch is out there.

To the north, Washington residents continue to believe. PEMCO first asked them about Sasquatch in 2009, and more than one-third maintain their view that Sasquatch is real, while less than half think otherwise.

When it comes to Sasquatch encounters, 14 percent of Washingtonians said they or someone they know has seen one, while just 9 percent of Portlanders count themselves as eyewitnesses.

“People might wonder, ‘Why is an insurance company even bothering with something so silly?’ Is PEMCO pondering Sasquatch-protection coverage?" said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg. "No. Does it matter to our business if they exist? No. Is it a fun and whimsical topic for a survey? Absolutely! Especially here in the quirky Northwest where Sasquatch is part of our culture.

“As a local company, we like to celebrate Northwest folklore. Customers tell us they love our ‘Desperately Seeking Sasquatch’ Northwest Profile, and now we know there are a few neighbors out there who relate to him,” said Osterberg.