Willamette Week's Beer of the Year is…..

Willamette Week's Beer of the Year is…..

HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- The Belgian Strong Dark – a strong dark ale from the Pfriem Brewery.

Brewmaster, Josh Pfriem, said he's been working on this brew for just about a decade, and when he heard his beer earned Willamette Week's top billing, he said, "It was pretty exciting. Opening this brewery has been a large dream of mine."

Pfriem describes the stout as "deep bold and beautiful, but quite complex ... with ripe fruits, chocolate covered figs, ripe banana .. incredibly elegant but powerful."

He and his wife, Annie, also known as "Brewmama", run the brewery together. 

"It was the beer that brought us together and keeps us together," said Josh Pfriem.

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