Police: Naked man crashes truck into pole, jumps into river

Police: Naked man crashes truck into pole, jumps into river

PORTLAND, Ore. – A man is in the hospital after he crashed his truck into a telephone pole Saturday and ran away from the scene naked, police said.

It happened just before 4 p.m. on Highway 30 between the Sauvie Island and Saint John’s Bridges.

Witnesses told KATU News the man was pinned in the truck for about 10 minutes before he got out and took off his clothes.

He ran across the road, jumped over the embankment and into the Willamette River, witnesses said.

"I hope it was just shock," said witness Peter Ritson. "I mean, he was out of it, incoherent."

Witnesses said he wouldn’t respond to their attempts to help him.

“He was just kind of muttering,” said Steve Cloust, who witnessed the crash. “No one knows if he was a foreigner, no one could understand what he was saying, so who knows if he was high on drugs or what.”

State police caught up with him. They got him out of the river and into an ambulance.

Police identified him as 31-year-old Roger Shaw of Portland.

In a post on Facebook several weeks ago, Shaw said he went to the hospital for a fifth time "due to my meth addiction and the madness that follows."

Shaw also said he's trying to overcome his addiction.

The crash sheared a telephone pole in half. No one else was hurt.

Police said it’s unclear what caused the crash. Shaw has not been cited or arrested at this time.

"I was very worried about the guy," said Ritson. "I felt really fortunate no one else, he crossed the lane, there were bicyclists that go up and down there, felt really fortunate he wasn't in worse shape and no one else got killed in that accident."