Woman cares for three small dogs left behind by owners

Woman cares for three small dogs left behind by owners

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A Vancouver, Wash. pet lover said her neighbors abandoned their three small dogs when they moved out last week.

Now, the local animal control agency is getting involved.

The woman who discovered the dogs, Jamie Seagraves, said she did talk to her neighbor on the phone and said he claims he simply forgot the dogs when he moved.

But even after that conversation, the owners haven't come back to get the animals. "They had nothing. Dirt in their dishes. It's sad," she said. "The first time I fed them, I put four cups of food in their dishes and it was gone in 30 seconds. I mean, it was horrid."

Seagraves is now the only one feeding the dogs, which she heard barking and discovered in the fenced yard next to hers on Monday.

She's been the only one taking care of them since then, giving them food, water, and a blanket for warmth.

“This is bad, and people do it every single day and there's got to be repercussions from it,” Seagraves said.

“It's a responsibility to have a pet, just like it is to have a child,” she added.  “If you don't like the dogs, take them to the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, call an adoption group or something. Don't let the dogs suffer.”

The West Columbia Gorge Humane Society operates a "no kill" animal shelter.

Local animal control workers left a 24-hour contact notice, requiring the owners to call them or face the possibility of losing the dogs and being cited or fined.
Animal control officers will likely return Friday to possibly collect the dogs.

Seagraves says she would have taken the dogs into her garage - if only she had one. She said she could not take them into her home because she has four pets already.