Woman forgives teen who hit husband, killing him

Woman forgives teen who hit husband, killing him »Play Video
Christie Smith says this photo of her husband, Dale, and the couple's granddaughter, captures her husband best.

KING CITY, Ore. - The widow of the man killed on his motorcycle Thursday night says she forgives the 15-year-old driver who hit him.

Dale Smith, 66, of King City, was struck by a teen driver with a learner's permit as he rode on Southwest Roy Rogers Road near Scholls-Sherwood.

Smith and his wife, Christie, have seven children, 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

They were planning to move to their dream home in a few months when Dale retired from his job as service director at Landmark Ford.

Christie said Dale loved riding his 1999 Harley Road King, and he prioritized safety, always wearing a helmet.

"There are some men that are just one with their bike, like John Wayne on his horse, it was never like it was an effort for him to ride," she said. "He loved riding, it was his passion, and I wouldn't take that away from him."

Investigators believe the teen driving the Chevy Suburban that hit Dale Smith's Harley first veered right onto the shoulder then overcorrected, crossing the centerline, hitting Dale. He died at the scene.

Despite losing the man she loved so much, Christie Smith has a message of empathy for the 15-year-old girl behind the wheel.

"I feel very bad for her. You know it wasn't a purposeful thing she did. It was an accident," she said. "We forgive the young woman and we hope that she's able to move on. She's a child. One of my children could have been driving that car."

One of the passengers in the Suburban had a valid driver's license. No one in that vehicle was injured and no charges have been filed as the investigation continues.