Woman gets creative to track down stolen property

Woman gets creative to track down stolen property

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Kristina Bissonette is a woman on a mission.

"I put them up all over the neighborhood, every business every street corner," Bissonette says.

The mission began last Tuesday after somebody broke into her car.

The thief stole a laptop and her purse.

There was no cash or credit cards, but there was something much more valuable to her.

"A toy solider my youngest son gave me to keep in my purse to keep me safe," she said. "I've had it for 10 years."

Most people would call police and move on, but not Kristina.

She decided to write the thieves a letter.

She's been posting it all over the neighborhood hoping the thief will see it, and some good old fashioned guilt will kick in. She doesn't even want the thief arrested - all she wants is her stuff back.

So far no one has come forward, but Kristina says she's going to keep at it, hoping the thief will eventually do the right thing.