Woman injured after Vancouver car crash

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This screen grab from surveillance video shows two people at the scene of a car accident that left a woman seriously injured. Witnesses said the person at the top of the picture left the scene to get identification.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A woman was taken to the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries Tuesday after being involved in a two-car wreck, Vancouver firefighters said.

The accident happened at 20th and Fairmount shortly before 5 p.m., firefighters said.

Three women, including the one taken to the hospital, were in a full-sized pickup truck when it was involved in a crash with another car, according to firefighters. The driver and the woman sitting next to her in the pickup suffered minor injuries and were walking around when firefighters arrived. The third woman, who was the most seriously injured, was still inside on the passenger side of the truck.

According to firefighters, witnesses said a person in the other car left the scene to get some identification and firefighters said that person was gone when they arrived and never saw that person.

A picture supplied by Vancouver firefighters showed the pickup came to rest against a building. There was no damage to the building except the truck did take out a small chunk of concrete from the wall.

Surveillance video of the crash showed a small car slam into the side of the pickup. The pickup then careened into the side of the building. One person with short dark hair got out of the small car, checked the car and then went to the truck.

But a second person, dressed in what appeared to be a trench coat or a large raincoat appeared at the top of the screen, slowly walked around the small car, looked around and then appeared to run off. It was that second person who witnesses said claimed had to go and get ID.

Vancouver police are still investigating the accident, firefighters said.

Watch the surveillance video: