Woman suspects group scammed her to pay for truck damage

Woman suspects group scammed her to pay for truck damage »Play Video

TURNER, Ore. - A woman whose truck was damaged in the parking lot of the Woodburn Walmart last fall, believes the same people responsible for that damage scammed her into paying for repairs.

The woman asked that we not identify her.

She says she was shopping at the Walmart in November, and when she returned to her pickup truck it had dents all along the passenger side.

One man had offered several times to fix her truck, but she declined.

Then a group of men surrounded her truck in Salem on June 13. She says they wanted to show her repairs.

They did some work, then wanted $400, claiming they’d fixed the problem. The man that had made several offers to fix the truck since it was damaged in November, joined the group.

“Possibly, yeah, because a lot of people are being targeted by these guys, just so they can get money out of them," she said.

Salem police are treating the case as a suspicious circumstance.

Police have no way to track down the people involved because the victim wasn’t able to get any of the license numbers on any of their vehicles.

Salem police also say they haven’t had any other reports of people whose cars have been mysteriously damaged, then getting random offers to fix the damage.