Woman upset her sick dog wasn't euthanized

Woman upset her sick dog wasn't euthanized »Play Video
Natalie Hodson said she took her sick dog Mama (background) to the Willamette Humane Society to be euthanized but found out two weeks later it was still alive.

SALEM, Ore. - A woman says she's suffering from "double-dog heartbreak" after discovering her sick pooch wasn't euthanized.

Natalie Hodson said her dog was alive for almost two weeks before she found out. Not only was she shocked, but she was pretty upset as she was still mourning her Pomeranian.

In fact, Hodson said she didn't realize her dog was on a "hold" while the Willamette Humane Society in Salem tried to find the original owners or that there were other options to keep the dog alive and comfortable despite the dog's health.

Mama, the 10-year-year Pomeranian, is still spunky but she does have a whole list of health issues: lung disease, bronchitis and emphysema.

"She has lumps on her belly, which we found out were tumors and growths," Hodson said.

So Hodson and her boyfriend, Jeff Nelson, who took in the stray dog about a year ago, made the tough call to put her down. But almost two weeks later there was a surprising call.

"She said, 'I wanted to let you know we found a hospice home willing to take on your dog, Mama,'" Hodson said. "I said, 'You must have the wrong chart, maybe the names mixed up. Our dog was put to sleep two weeks ago.'"

According to the Willamette Humane Society, the couple signed a contract and the rules were explained to them.

"Our preference is not to euthanize animals that can live a life," said Joan Towers, the executive director of the humane society.

According to the humane society, it tried to find the original owners who are listed on the dog's microchip but never heard back.

Meanwhile, veterinarians checked out the dog and decided other options were possible.

"We cared for the dog for the 12 days," said Towers. "We provided great medical care, comfort, medical treatment – got a great medical evaluation from our licensed shelter veterinarian and cared for the dog and offered the dog back to her."

Nelson said the humane society contacted the owners right in front of him while he was at the humane society. So he left thinking his dog would be euthanized that day. But the humane society said it couldn't get a hold of those original owners.

Now Nelson and Hodson are just focused on taking Mama to a vet on Tuesday and trying to see what they can do to keep her healthy.