Blind woman worried about unwanted visitor; police investigating

Blind woman worried about unwanted visitor; police investigating »Play Video
Police are trying to identify this man, seen in an image taken from a security camera outside Latrina Denson's home.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Southeast Portland woman says a man is harassing her at her home and may be targeting her because she’s legally blind.

Latrina Denson says the man told her he was selling cable for Comcast. He’s visited her house three times.

A Comcast spokesman said the man does not work there.

Now, police are trying to identify the man captured on surveillance video from a camera outside Denson’s house.

Denson says no one has scared her like this man, who first showed up about three weeks ago offering free cable.

“I thought he was legit but I called cable and they said they didn’t have any representatives in the area,” Denson said.

She wasn’t scared until he came back the next week, and again the next.

“Probably because he thinks I’m a weak link. I’m legally blind,” she said. “I guess if I could see a little better I wouldn’t be so nervous. But I can only see so far. He could be standing across the street watching me come and go here.”

A Comcast spokesperson said they take the safety of their customers very seriously. Comcast requires that employees wear ID badges at all times, which customers can ask to see at any time. No employee is allowed to work inside or outside a customer’s home without an ID badge.

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