'World Homeless Day' is this week... do you plan to help in some way?

'World Homeless Day' is this week... do you plan to help in some way?
A couple of folks on the sidewalk in Old Town (KATU photo).

PORTLAND, Ore. - On Wednesday, people around the world will stop to think about the homeless in their communities and do what they can to help out.

It's all part of World Homeless Day, which is meant to draw attention to the needs of the homeless and get the community involved in making a change in people's lives.

Here in Portland, organizers of Right 2 Dream Too, a homeless camp at Northwest 4th and Burnside in Old Town, will mark the day with a number of events.

World Homeless Day is also the one-year anniversary of the camp (known as a 'rest area' by its organizers because it is a temporary place for the homeless).

First, the group plans to rally at City Hall Wednesday morning in their ongoing effort to get fines for code violations lifted. And those who want to participate are encouraged to wear zombie attire. Why, you ask?

"It's a way of showing solidarity with the sleep-deprived houseless people who lack shelter or affordable housing," organizer Lisa Fay said in a news release.

An open house with lunch and cake is planned at the camp from noon to 2 p.m., followed by a fashion show at 3 p.m. There will also be a sleeping bag and blanket drive. The public is welcome to participate in any of the day's activities.

If You Want to Help

The Portland Rescue Mission has put together some resources to get you thinking about how you can help out the homeless here in our city.

And here are some more helpful resources: