Wave of skeeters expected after heavy rains

Wave of skeeters expected after heavy rains »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Record rainfall has turned Western Oregon into a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes will collect in buckets, in tires, in feeding troughs, in water dishes -- just anyplace that will collect water," said Ross Penhallegon with the Lane County Extension Service.

Penhallegon showed KVAL News examples of standing water around homes - and how quickly the mosquitoes can breed.

"It doesn't take anywhere from days to a couple of weeks, depending on the weather," he said.

And the stakes are high, thanks to West Nile virus.

"We certainly know that West Nile virus comes with mosquitoes," said Betsy Meredith with the Lane County Public Health Department, "and mosquito season is about to start, and it has been very wet."

Penhallegon said finding potential breeding sites and dumping the water will cut down on the mosquitoes.

That standing water will show up where you least expect it: Plates under potted plants on the side of the house, for example..

"This could be a breeding ground for our little friends," Penhallegon said, "so we need to take care of this right now."

A stack of bagged up tires collected a pool of water on top. Even 6 inches of water can be a 5-star hotel for mosquitoes.

So clean up your yard and make the neighborhood safer, one mosquito breeding ground at a time.