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Hood to Coast preview: One van's journey into the heart of Seaside

Hood to Coast preview: One van's journey into the heart of Seaside

Those who can't do, drive vans for those who can.

This weekend, I'm interrupting my own (slowly) burgeoning running to drive a van full of ladies on Hood to Coast. We'll be Van 1 on a team called Slippah Stream, departing Mount Hood at 8:30 a.m.

I don't know why the team is called Slippah Stream, but that's only one of about 26,200 things I'm curious about. It seems like there’s going to be endless amounts of great stuff to write about.

So, I'm going to be the best damn van driver ever. In exchange, they're going to let me - and you - along for the ride.

You might have already read about one of the runners: Amy Hiebert, who finished the Boston Marathon about 45 minutes before the explosives went off this year. You'll meet the rest of the van as the weekend wears on.

I’ll be checking in with updates as often throughout the day as time and technology allows. Look for blog updates, tweets, photo galleries and our coverage on the KATU News broadcasts.

In the meantime, I’m even more clueless about Hood to Coast than I am about running in general.

Obviously not having to, you know, run 20-some-odd miles is going to make my life considerably easier. But it’s still shaping up to be a long stretch between when I meet up with the team at 5:30 Friday morning in Portland and when we find our way to the beer garden in Seaside at 10 or 11 a.m. Saturday.

I’m sure some of you have run Hood to Coast before, or are planning on running it this weekend. Any good advice for a rookie van driver? Even better, what’s your best Hood to Coast story?

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The Hood to Coast is a two-day race that starts early Friday morning at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood and ends Saturday at Seaside on the Oregon coast. More details here:

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