Scout cookie varieties will stick around - for some

The six cookies marked with an
The six cookies marked with an "X" will not be sold this year through 12 Girl Scout councils trying out a "Super Six" pilot program hoping to save the troops costs. None of those councils are in the Pacific Northwest.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Wall Street Journal article that brought Girl Scouts cookie lovers to arms won't impact the Northwest. Indeed, the WSJ report of the demise of six cookies from the annual Girl Scouts line up has, in the time-honored words of Mark Twain, been "greatly exaggerated."

Indeed, the reported cuts to the Girl Scout cookie line up will impact only a dozen of the Girl Scout councils across the county, according to a "Little Brownie Bakers" statement. None of those councils are in the Pacific Northwest.

And though the newly dubbed "Super Six" councils will be selling only six varieties – cutting out cookies such as Dulce de Leche and Chip Deluxe – the other cookies still will be made. They'll just be sold by other councils nationwide.

"Of 112 Girl Scout councils in the country, [only] 12 Little Brownie councils have chosen to participate in a pilot program that focuses on the six top-selling cookie varieties," reports the "Little Brownie Bakers" statement. "These councils are seeking new ways to drive efficiencies, ease and simplicity for everyone involved in the Cookie Program."

Everyone in the country will still be able to find these staple varieties: Trefoils, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas, Do-Si-Dos and Lemon Chalet Cremes.

In the Pacific Northwest, the next round of cookies "will be available for sale starting Feb. 18," says Heather Law, product sales manager for Girl Scouts Oregon and Southwest Oregon.

She tells us the local troops will have eight cookie varieties for sale: the "Super Six," Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Munch. The rest of the cookies pictured above, she said, are sold via a different vendor, who supplies troops outside of the Pacific Northwest.

"The closest might be California," she said.

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