TV show shot in Oregon combines gold mining with ghost hunting

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Sumpter Dredge
  • Sumpter fire of 1917
  • Boiler for the Red Boy Mine near Sumpter
  • Sumpter Dredge
  • Sumpter dredge
  • Town-site Syndicate
  • Child on horseback
  • Hotel Sumpter
Sumpter Dredge
In this June 11, 2004 file photo is the massive Sumpter dredge, in Sumpter, Ore. The Sumpter dredge was one of three that took some nine tons of gold from the Sumpter Valley. A ghost-themed reality TV show that was made this summer near Sumpter is scheduled to debut Jan. 16 on the Syfy network. “Ghost Mine” combines both the ghost hunting for which Syfy is known and the area's mining history. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)