The Red Bull Schlittentag at Skibowl: 'It was epic'

The Red Bull Schlittentag at Skibowl: 'It was epic' »Play Video
Schlittentag is the German word for "sledding day." Put simply, it translates as "daredevils willing to propel themselves down a snow-covered hill and over a jump on a sled they built themselves." Here, a team from Seattle takes their 'Boeing' airplane sled down the hill. - 3/30 - (Kai Hayashi /

GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. - They spent hours upon hours building a sled that would only go down the hill one time and would most likely get destroyed in the process.

But ask anyone who participated in the Red Bull Schlittentag at Mount Hood Skibowl on Saturday and they'll tell you it was all worth it.

"It was epic - that's what it was," said Nic Anderson, who sailed down the ski slope in a pirate-themed boat.

This is the first time in its four-year run that the Red Bull Schlittentag, a sledding run where creativity is king and crashing is just par for the course, has come to Mount Hood.

Anderson's team made a valiant effort to make it all the way down but crashed hard about halfway. All three men ended up on the snow while their empty boat sailed right on by.

Photo by Kai Hayashi /

"I think it's going to come in pretty hot," Jonathan Keenan of Beaverton predicted before the race. He and his buddies used an old couch to make themselves a 'couch trike.'

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"We're just committing and going for it," Keenan said. And go for it they did - their couch-mobile careened down the slope in style.

"This is the first and only test run," said Joshua Svaren of Boring, who was there with his pals, Shon Boulden and Steve Santaro. Their team was 'Free Ballin' - an ode to the basketball teams of the 70s. And their sled? A giant basketball shoe - of course.

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"We just decided we wanted to go as fast as we could and crash as hard as we could," said Zeke Wilson, who dressed up like a giant banana and took a painful-looking face plant in the snow at the bottom of the hill.

We asked him how bad it hurt and he told us "well, it didn't tickle."

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Yes, there was pain involved for a lot of the participants. Crashing hurts and for some of the folks who chose to wear less, there was even some serious road rash.

Still, everyone who dared themselves to take the ride came out at the bottom with smiles on their faces. And the crowd loved it. Job well done everyone - job well done.

Photo by Kai Hayashi /