Yachats: 'It's as pretty as any place you've ever seen'

Yachats: 'It's as pretty as any place you've ever seen'

YACHATS, Ore. -- "We like to think of ourselves as the home of the world's largest ocean," said Myor Ron Brean, "but of course that's a big ocean, and it touches a lot of other places."

Brean said initially he was surprised to find his fair city on the list of Arthur Frommer's top places to visit in the world. "I think I probably did the same thing everybody else did, I went 'well who else is on here?'

"But then when you read the description of why he selected Yachats to be in that list, it really puts it in the context of this world class coastline where people come from all over the world to see it. And here we are right in the middle of it, and we're this quaint little village with an interesting and eclectic populous," explained Brean.

Brean said Yachats has a thriving artistic population, with live music practically every night, along with theater and artisans.

"There just seems to be something here that attracts people with those kinds of talents," said Brean.

The picturesque seascapes probably don't hurt in attracting newcomers, either.

"It's as pretty as New Zealand, it's as pretty as Australia. It's as pretty as any place you've ever seen," said resident Bette Perman. "There's peace and quiet here that you can't buy."

That doesn't mean Yachats is boring.

"It's changed from kind of a sleepy little town into one that's more active and more community oriented," explained resident Monica Ihnat. "Some of the buildings have been upgraded, some of the businesses have come and gone, so it's progressing and growing as the people come here."

"I feel safe and content, and well-nourished by this community and this area," said resident Nancy McCarty.

But just because Yachats is quaint and culturally rich doesn't mean the recession hasn't taken a toll on the town.

"Just like the bigger cities, we're going through tough economic times," said Brean. "We're doing OK; we have less visitors that come to the coast when times are economically tight. They don't spend as much money traveling, so we've seen that effect on our budget."

"We've got long-term businesses that have gone under," said resident Barbara Frye.

When fewer people are visiting, Frye said the town supports itself, something that perhaps makes Yachats even more unique.

"I think there's a real commitment to try and shop locally where we can, 'cause they're our friends and neighbors who own these businesses," said Frye.

The ranking on Frommer's list of destinations isn't all good news for Yachats residents, however.

"I have to say I get a little worried that then there's going to be all these people that move in here," said McCarty.

 So what would residents miss most if they were to leave?

"Well, I'm never moving away," said Frye.

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