Parent 2 Parent: How to cure those summer-camp jitters

Parent 2 Parent: How to cure those summer-camp jitters »Play Video

Seven tips for making your child's summer-camp experience a great one.

  • If your son or daughter isn't used to staying away from home, plan a sleepover - even for the entire weekend, with a friend or family member.
  • Teach your child how to care for himself - personal hygiene, getting dressed.
  • Involve them in packing, not only to bring some favorite things, but so they know where everything is.
  • Go over what the daily schedule's going to look like at camp, so there are no surprises, and so they can get excited about it.
  • Do a little problem solving. Go over some "what if" situations. -  what if you lose your flashlight or don't get along with another child?
  • Talk with them about feeling home-sick or if they'll miss their pets. Stay positive, but discuss their anxieties and help them understand how exciting it's going to be to come home.
  • Find out if you can send letters to your child ahead of time, so they have mail waiting for them when they arrive. Keep it simple and fun, maybe including a comic strip or word game.