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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Low-cost laptops (Video)
Prices for laptops are all over the map. Some can set you back thousands of dollars, while others cost $300 or less. Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports has tested some of the lowest-cost laptops to find out what they offer, and what they don’t.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Purrrfect gifts for your pets (Video)
In addition to friends and relatives on our holiday gift lists, don’t forget those family members who might have chewed up all of last year’s presents. Our pets! Consumer Reports has advice on toys that will bring a wag to your dog’s tail and make your cat purrty happy.
Problem Solvers Top 5 stores for Black Friday deals Top 5 stores for Black Friday deals (Video)
Are you inundated with store fliers, emails, and Facebook posts, trying to entice you with door-buster deals? The Problem Solvers reveal the top five stores to find savings during Black Friday week.
Problem Solvers Where to park on Black Friday Where to park on Black Friday
Wouldn't it be great if you could find out the insider info from the malls to see where's the best place to park for Black Friday shopping? Now, you can!
Problem Solvers Cyber Monday hacks to save you money Cyber Monday hacks to save you money (Video)
If you're not shopped out yet, more discounts are coming your way online on Cyber Monday. The Problem Solvers show you the secrets to beating the system and grabbing even more savings.