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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Travel club gotchas (Video)
Expensive vacations to exotic places often seem out of reach. So many people join travel clubs, which promise years of discounted airfare, hotels and dining. But Consumer Reports has found that hundreds of those dream vacations have turned into nightmares.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: TVs for the Super Bowl (Video)
A sports bar is a great place to watch the Big Game. But if you’re buying a TV for your Super Bowl party at home, Consumer Reports says a screen that’s at least 50 inches or larger is a good size for a crowd.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Best places to get car repairs (Video)
When it comes to car repairs, a Consumer Reports’ survey finds that Tesla scored higher than any other dealership or independent service center for overall satisfaction. It’s the only company to get top marks across the board for its on-time repairs, courtesy, price, and quality.