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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Choosing the right carry-on luggage(Video)
Flying with a carry-on bag can save you $50 or more per trip. No wonder sales are up. But whatever kind you get, it’s got to fit in the overhead bin. Airlines have different maximums they allow. A bag that measures 22 by 14 by 9 inches deep will get you onto most carriers, though some carriers will give you a few inches more.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Amazon's first smart phone(Video)
Amazon is getting ready to release its first smart phone, the Fire. Consumer Reports has started checking out the phone in its labs. Its cell phone team is excited about some of the phone’s features, like dynamic perspective. It gives the phone a 3D look. They’re also intrigued by Firefly, which helps you identify objects in front of you by scanning them. It can even identify music and movies by listening to them.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Protecting electronics while on vacation(Video)
Vacation coming up? Chances are you’ll be packing a lot of electronics like smart phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, GPS devices, cameras, iPod and speakers. They practically need their own suitcase! But if you are thinking of checking them as baggage think again.
Problem Solvers Saving gas money on your summer road trip Saving gas money on your summer road trip(Video)
We all feel a little pain at the pump, especially when we hit the highways for summer road trips. The Problem Solvers crunch the numbers to reveal which gas discount programs offer you the biggest bang for your buck.