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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Finding good health insurance (Video)
The annual open enrollment period for many health insurance plans starts in October. That’s the time when you can make choices about your health coverage, whether you get your plan through work, like 55 percent of Americans do, or through a private Medicare plan. Consumer Reports has just released its analysis of more than 1,000 health care plans and outlines the top questions to consider before you choose.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Tablet-laptop combos (Video)
Tablets have been one of the fastest growing consumer electronics. But sales are starting to level off. And the laptop market has been declining for some time. Now there’s an emerging class of computers called detachables that combines a laptop and a tablet.
Problem Solvers Haunted house scams customers Haunted house scams customers (Video)
Looking for a fright? Many haunted houses in our area are up and running this week, but the Problem Solvers discover one attraction that is more illusion than reality.
Problem Solvers How to crack price tag codes and save How to crack price tag codes and save (Video)
The KATU Problem Solvers are cracking the code on major retailers' price tags, just in time to save you money on your holiday shopping. Once you know these industry secrets, you'll never look at price tags in the same way.