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Problem Solvers How to protect your kid at summer camp How to protect your kid at summer camp (Video)
Summer camp is often your child's first opportunity to exercise some independence. As a parent, you count on the fact that capable camp counselors aren't too far away, if your child needs help. However the Problem Solvers found a surprising lack of state regulation when it comes to the people charged with your child's care.
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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Protecting your privacy at home (Video)
Brewing coffee from bed, adjusting the temperature on your slow cooker from anywhere, checking a baby monitor on your cellphone; those are just some of the things you can do with connected devices and an app on your smartphone and tablet. But Consumer Reports says Wi-Fi monitors and other cameras are at risk for being hacked or viewed by strangers on the Internet.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Can you see me know?
Cars kill more than 5,000 pedestrians, bicyclists, and joggers each year. A vast majority of those accidents happen after the sun sets. Special reflective clothing is supposed to make you easy to spot.
Problem Solvers Hook-up apps may be fueling public health crisis Hook-up apps may be fueling public health crisis (Video)
They're called hook-up apps. They allow you to find people who are often looking for more than conversation. The Problem Solvers reveals the new research that shows these viral dating apps may be fueling a public health epidemic.