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Problem Solvers Where to park on Black Friday Where to park on Black Friday
Wouldn't it be great if you could find out the insider info from the malls to see where's the best place to park for Black Friday shopping? Now, you can!
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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Losing your right to sue
When you buy a product or service and something goes terribly wrong, you may think, “I can always sue.” But Consumer Reports warns that people often unwittingly give up their right to sue by agreeing in advance to submit any dispute to binding arbitration. And that can be a raw deal.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Pop-up turkey timers (Video)
Looking to prepare the perfect bird this Thanksgiving? You might be thinking about relying on one of those pop-up timers to gauge when your turkey is ready. Turkey needs to be cooked to 165° F in order to be safe. Undercooked turkey could make you and your Thanksgiving guests sick. So, can you really trust those little pop-up timers?
Problem Solvers Former identity thief shows off the tricks of the trade Former identity thief shows off the tricks of the trade
Next time you go shopping, to a movie, or even for a work out at the gym, assume someone is watching you leave your car. A former identity thief just out of jail is now talking about the tricks she used to commit the crime.