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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Top gas grills (Video)
Consumer Reports has finished testing more than 100 grills. Some weren’t so hot, but we did find plenty of good options ––particularly among medium-sized grills, which are the most popular. They usually hold about two dozen burgers.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Super sunscreens (Video)
Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen that delivers an SPF, or sun protection factor, of 30 of higher. The SPF indicates the amount of protection you get from the sun’s UVB rays, which cause sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer. Consumer Reports tested 34 lotions and sprays to see whether they deliver what they claim.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Is online gift wrap worth it?
There are so many gift-giving occasions coming up: June weddings, Father’s Day, and graduations. You not only face the question of what to send, but if you order online should you spring for special wrapping? Most sites don’t give you a preview of their gift wrap, so Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine checked to see just what you get.