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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Help! My cell phone battery died (Video)
Phone batteries always seem to run out when you need them! To the rescue—smartphone cases with a built in battery. The cases promise to protect your phone and add extra battery life. Consumer Reports tested four made for popular phones and found they all work well.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Finding good tech support (Video)
That dreaded moment your hard drive crashes. Do you know where to turn? Consumer Reports can tell you the best places to fix a failed computer, after surveying more than 4,400 computer owners about their experiences with tech support.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Wearable tech (Video)
Wearable tech is still very new, but Consumer Reports thinks it’s going to take off. A lot of big companies are jumping in the game, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, and maybe even Apple.