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Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Picking the right toothbrush(Video)
For something so simple as a toothbrush, there sure are a lot of choices. Buying a toothbrush can be daunting. There are fat ones, skinny ones, brushes that surround your teeth, ones that hang up and one that sits up on the counter all by itself. And of course there are all kinds of electric toothbrushes that brush your teeth for you.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Top toilet paper(Video)
Brand loyal with your toilet paper? Consumer Reports says you might want to reassess. Of the 19 different toilet papers it tested, more and more brands are skimping — fewer sheets, smaller sheets and narrower rolls.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: High chair dangers(Video)
Feeding a hungry baby isn’t always a picnic, but it shouldn’t be dangerous. A recent study in Clinical Pediatrics reports an alarming number of children suffer injuries from high chair accidents.
Problem Solvers Save hundreds of dollars with new discounted lightbulbs
The Problem Solvers have an enlighting way to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket. It's easy as changing as a light bulb. These light bulbs are even better than the ones you saw in stores last year. And they're being sold at a discount by many Oregon retailers.