Can you hack into plane systems through in-flight Wi-Fi?

Can you hack into plane systems through in-flight Wi-Fi? »Play Video

Research reveals hackers may be able to access plane systems through on-board Wi-Fi.

Security expert Ruben Santamarta has published a white paper titled, "A Wake-up Call for SATCOM Security," in which he says malicious actors can abuse vulnerabilities in airplane satellite communications systems.

The Problem Solvers asked Portland-based independent cybersecurity advisor Patrick Miller what hackers might be able to control on your flight.

Miller said they may be able to do things like stop and start your movie, turn the lights on and off and change temperature settings.

He said there is also the potential, though very unlikely, that they could control the plane itself.

What should you do?

"The reality is that there really isn't much the average person can do," said Miller. "And if you stop flying, for example, then the airlines will have less money to buy better systems. So, it kind of defeats the purpose. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do, other than be aware."

Miller says it will take time for the problems to be fixed and, chances are, researchers will find more problems like this in the future.