Customers complain they're out money after Spa Willamina closes

Customers complain they're out money after Spa Willamina closes »Play Video
Spa Willamina on Northeast 40th Avenue in Portland closed, upsetting customers, many of whom say they are out money.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Customers are trying to get their money back after another big spa closes in Portland.

Forever Young shut down Thursday. The day after, Spa Willamina closed its doors.

The two spas are not connected. Forever Young was a tanning and laser spa. Spa Willamina was a massages and facials spa. Both had different owners.

But customers of Spa Willamina are complaining about something similar – a big push for money in the months, weeks and even days before the spa closed.

Libby Ramirez bought three package deals this year at the spa, and she's bought many as a customer over the last four years.

But she said Spa Willamina has been ramping up the specials recently, sending out emails to customers, selling through Groupon and advertising specials on Facebook.

She said some fellow customers bought deals just last week, days before the place suddenly closed.

Now Ramirez is out a thousand dollars, she said, and some other customers are out even more.

"You know you're not going to be open a year from now, you know you're not going to be open next week, and you're selling product? That's falsification right there.  I mean, that's just, that's stealing money," she said.

In a statement, Spa Willamina said it regrets the closing, adding, "Once we realized we were unable to make our payroll obligations to our employees we promptly closed the spa. We are exploring our options to meet, as much as possible, our obligations to our 24 employees and our thousands of loyal customers. We never accepted payment for future service that we did not believe we could deliver, just as we have done in the past."

If you are one of the Spa Willamina customers out of money, contact the Oregon attorney general's office and file a complaint. Also, contact your bank and try to get your money back, and if you bought through Groupon, ask them for a refund as well.