Dressing for success: Back 2 School fall fashions

Dressing for success: Back 2 School fall fashions »Play Video

For your back-to-school clothes shopping, here's something to think about.

Studies show that what your child wears could affect how they perform in school. It's called enclothed cognition.

Researchers at Northwestern found when people put on formalized attire like a white lab coat, they became more scholarly.

Another study from Harvard found that what your kids' friends think and say about your kids' clothes could cause stress and worries about social status that could make it harder for them to succeed at school.

That doesn't mean you have to break the bank buying the latest fashions, but it's not a bad idea to be mindful.

KATU invited local fashion expert Holley Shepard and local kids, ages four to 14, to the KATU studios to show off the latest styles.

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