Experts say strangers are not the biggest danger to children

Experts say strangers are not the biggest danger to children

When it comes to your children's safety experts say strangers are not the biggest danger. It's going to be someone you know like a coach or a family member who is most likely to abuse your kids sexually.

You don't need to be suspicious of everyone, but you do want to watch to see how adults are interacting with your children. Are they setting up situations where they will have special access to your kids because they have a special relationship?

Experts say take notice of gifts, trips or special attention an adult gives a child beyond other kids on a team or in the family. But that attention could also make it hard for kids to say anything.

"As a child, you're going to have very conflicted feelings about that person, and very confused feelings about whether this is right or wrong, because this adult, who I trust, is telling me this is special and this is OK," said Dr. Thomas Valvano at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

Here are things to watch for: hugging or touching of any kind when your child doesn't want it; insisting on spending time alone with your child; sharing personal information that's normally for adults; and consistently allowing your child to get away with inappropriate behavior.

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