Forever Young says it has bailout plan for customers

Forever Young says it has bailout plan for customers

HILLSBORO, Ore. – The failed laser spa Forever Young says its customers will be able to get the treatments they paid for at another local business.

Last week the chain of spas closed its doors suddenly, leaving customers who prepaid with nothing and even surprising some employees.

An email from Ron Zemp of Forever Young sent to KATU says the company has come to an agreement with another company to "honor all our laser client packages."

Forever Young, now closed, claimed to have 50,000 customers. When it closed last week many of those came forward to say the spa owed them thousands of dollars in treatments.

Zemp now says the master franchiser of Tan Republic, Peter Lamka, will be taking over not only tanning but laser customers of Forever Young as well.

But Lamka told KATU that Forever Young is jumping the gun. He says he is in principal planning to take over laser customers but has not even formed the company yet that would do the laser work. Nor has he partnered up yet with a doctor to create an entire new holistic wellness center where the laser work would happen.

And when it happens, the company will not honor the Forever Young laser deals carte blanche.

The KATU Problem Solvers will continue to follow developments in this story.

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