How to bag better online shopping deals

How to bag better online shopping deals

The holiday shopping season officially starts on the week of November 24, but true bargain shoppers should be hitting the keyboards right now. The Problem Solvers have some tricks for bagging the best online deals.

Install Price Blink

Angela Davis is in the business of saving people money.  She runs a website called Frugal Living NW and says before you begin your holiday shopping, install Price Blink on your browser.

Davis demonstrates how it works by going to and pricing a Keurig Home Brewing System for $116.15.

“Once I go to the product page, my Price Blink notification comes up and says that this item is $99.99 with free shipping at Bed Bath and Beyond,” explains Davis, “so I know immediately that I can save $16 by going to another site to buy this item.”

Price Blink also features:

  • Wish List, a place to keep track of the products you're seeking
  • Price History charts that show if now is the time to buy
  • Price Drop Alerts that let you know if the price drops on any of your watched items

Online Discount Codes

Search for online discount codes but don't waste your time with minor websites.

“Just go to the big players, so Retail Me Not and,” advises Davis.  “They're going to have almost every code available out there.”

According to a recent survey by Coupon Codes, only 21 percent of online shoppers are "very likely" to look for online coupons and codes despite an average saving of $20.30.

Skirt Shipping Costs

Many online retailers will waive shipping charges during the holidays. If not, you have another option.

Target and Walmart are offering free site-to-store shipping on many of the products that they sell,” says Davis. “So you purchase something online and you can have that product shipped directly to your closest store.”

Abandon Your Shopping Cart

Fill you cart on whatever website you're shopping. Proceed to the check out and complete enough information so that you enter your email address. Then don't finish the sale and abandon the cart.

In a day or two, you may see pop-up ads or get emails in your in-box with special discounts. It’s a retailer's way of enticing you back to the website.

Clear Your Cookies

When you're shopping for online - particularly for travel - consider clearing the cookies on your computer before you return to a website for a second time. Some airlines have been known to up the original price as a sort of punishment for not buying tickets in the first place.

Click here for a guide on how to clear cookies.