How to check your air quality during wildfire season

How to check your air quality during wildfire season »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Thunderstorms this week could increase air pollution in Oregon, if lightning strikes start more wildfires. But there are ways you can keep watch over air quality.

You can view air quality maps at, and find information on pollution levels in your city. The website will show you if air quality levels in your area are considered safe, or if you need to modify your exercise plans or outdoor activity.

In addition, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has a map that shows you the air quality results at air monitoring stations around the state.

You can also learn how to use visibility to interpret air quality levels in case of wildfires in your area.

And you can sign up to receive an alert from if air quality in your area rises above healthy levels.

Some cities and towns near wildfires in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are struggling with poor air quality.