How to save money on wedding photos

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PORTLAND, Ore. - Capturing your wedding day through photos is a necessary but costly expense.  The Problem Solvers show you a new way to save hundreds of dollars on your marriage memories.  The app also is useful for collecting photos of birthday parties and family vacations from multiple sources.

Engagement photos don't normally prompt laughter, but the photos of bride-to-be Ange Lortz and her fiancee, Bryan, are intentionally hilarious.

"I wanted to make it more unique," says Lortz, who asked her future groom to bring his vintage hat collection to the photo shoot.

"I wanted it to be like how we are together," adds Lortz.

A friend, who's a professional photographer, shot the engagement photos and will be shooting the nuptials at an additional cost of $3000. The price does not include actual prints; those are extra.

Photography costs represents 23 percent of her $13,000 wedding budget. To make room in the budget, Ange decided to skimp on her dress and cut live music from the reception.

But what if she could harness the power of all her guests' smartphones?  That's the idea behind a new app called Ivy. 

Here's how it works:

  • You download the free app.
  • Then you create an event and name it.
  • Ivy will give you a 6-digit code to share with your guests. 
  • Include the code and your request to take photos in your wedding invitation. 
  • After the event, your friends can send all their pictures to your folder, where Ivy organizes them on a timeline.

You also can use Ivy to organize your own photos from wherever they're stored - Dropbox, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr - as well as your mobile device.

Ivy is not meant to replace your wedding photographer.  But it could cut the number of hours that you'll need him or her, saving you hundreds of dollars.

And who knows, your guests' candid shots could end up being just as unique as Ange's engagement photos.