How to survive the boil water order

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Here's information for you while under the boil water order, compiled from city, state and federal sources:

---DISHES: You can wash your dishes with tap water, using soap, as long as you rinse them with safe water that's been boiled.

---DISHWASHER: You can use your dishwasher as long as it has a sanitizing cycle or hits one hundred fifty degrees.

---HAND WASHING: You can wash your hands with tap water and soap, but you need to dry your hands "vigorously."

---SHOWER: You can take a shower or bath as long as you don't swallow the water and don't have unhealed wounds.

---WATER IN FOOD: Do not use tap water in food that will not be cooked or baked.

---WASHING FOOD: Do not wash ready-to-eat food, like fruit, in tap water.

---BABY FORMULA: To mix baby formula, used boiled water or bottled water instead.

---KID BATHS: It may be best to give your kids a sponge bath tonight. While it's OK to take a bath or shower in the tap water, kids often put fingers in their mouths or their faces in the water.

---OPEN WOUNDS: Do not wash open wounds with tap water.

---PETS: The city of Portland says you can give your pets tap water to drink. The CDC says you should give your pets boiled or bottled water, just to be safe.

---CONTACT LENSES: Do not use tap water for contact lenses. Also, wash your hands and dry them very well before putting contacts in.   

---COFFEE: Your average coffee maker is not going to keep the water hot enough for long enough to make it safe, so boil the water first, or used bottled.

---FILTERS: If you have a home water filter, it's not enough: boil the water and throw out the filter when the order is lifted.

---LAUNDRY & CLEANING: You can do the laundry and your general cleaning and mopping, as long as you don't use the water on food-contact surfaces.

---WATERING PLANTS: You can water your house plants and your garden with the tap water, but wash the fruits or veggies from your garden with safe water before eating.

---SHAVING: You can shave with tap water, but take extra care not to nick yourself.