'It's a piece of our life back'

'It's a piece of our life back' »Play Video
One of the baby photos that made it back to its original owner.

TIGARD, Ore. - A family whose camera was stolen six years ago now has it back, along with the baby photos that were on it.

"It's a piece of our life back," said mom, Laurie. "We are all about pictures in our family. We journal everything based on photographs. To have this chunk back is pretty remarkable."

A thief took the Tigard family's camera back in 2006. On it were pictures of their baby, Grace, who was just a few months old at the time.

The child's mother told us that someone had stolen the camera out of her baby bag, which was inside her parked car in her driveway.

This week, the family picked up the camera at the Washington County Sheriff's Office, which was getting ready to turn the unclaimed stolen property over to the state for auction or destruction. Before doing that, the sheriff's office sent the photos to the media to see if anyone would recognize them.

There was also another camera that made it back to its original owner.

Melanie Watts told us her camera had also been stolen out of her car, which was parked in her driveway in Tigard. Her daughter had just been born at the time and there were baby pictures on the camera.

"It was really surprising," Watts said. "It was exciting to get those pictures back. I mean those were really, really precious pictures. Brand new, first couple of days when she was born, and so it was really, really great news."