Laser spa operators with 800+ complaints found working at new spa

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TRAVELING FOR ANSWERS: Jennifer Zemp (right) sees KATU Problem Solver Kerry Tomlinson, who traveled to Las Vegas, Nev. to get answers, and immediately turns around and goes to a back office. Jennifer and Ron Zemp (not pictured) operated the Forever Young spas in Oregon and left the state without refunding customers.

The KATU Problem Solvers have tracked the people who operated the troubled laser spa Forever Young, which left hundreds of unhappy customers in Oregon when it shut down in July 2013. The operators are now involved in running another laser spa in another state.

More than 800 customers have filed complaints with the Oregon Attorney General's Office, many saying the spa took their money for services, but did not deliver.

"That is not the way to treat a customer. It's not. In my mind, it's illegal and immoral," said Beverly Olivier, who said the spa still owes her $1,500 for treatments she paid for but never received.

Jennifer and Ron Zemp, who ran the Forever Young spas, left the state without refunding customers.

"They've just left all this behind. Can they just walk away from this responsibility? I don't think they should," said Olivier.

KATU found evidence that the Zemps opened a new laser spa in the Las Vegas area. The Nevada business registry shows a new laser spa called Secret Youth, registered under the name Brandon Zemp, which is the name of the Zemps' teenage son.

"With all the problems in Oregon, they needed to move," said a woman who told KATU she worked for the Zemps for a time at the Nevada spa. She did not want to reveal her real name, so she is going by the name "Mara."

Mara said after KATU reported the name of the new Nevada spa last year, the Zemps changed the spa's name again, this time, to Secret Body.

Online, a woman named Adriana Berg claimed she was the new owner of Secret Body, and that she had nothing to do with the previous owners.

But Mara said the Zemps run the spa.

"Of course it's the Zemps' business," said Mara. "Are you kidding me?  Ron is money-hungry. Of course it's their business. They both work in it actively."

The owners did not register the new name with the city of Henderson, the Las Vegas suburb where the spa is located, nor with state, so there is no any evidence in the city and state business registries connecting the Zemps to Secret Body.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, they think they've escaped the bullet," said Mara.

But the KATU Problem Solvers were able to make the connection.

The Problem Solvers flew to Las Vegas and then drove to the Secret Body spa. The news crew found Jennifer Zemp inside the spa, and her laser certifications posted on the wall. When Zemp saw the news camera, she immediately turned around and went to the back of the office.

A worker who was with Zemp told the news crew to leave.

"Jennifer's actually not available," she said, less than 60 seconds after Zemp walked to the back of the office.

The news crew told the worker about the many unhappy customers in Oregon who did not get their money back from Forever Young. The worker said she would let Zemp know the crew wanted to talk to her, and then called police, claiming KATU was harassing them.

Two officers arrived, but said they found no evidence of harassment, and left.

Some customers in Oregon said they were glad the Problem Solvers tracked the Zemps down.

"I love that!" said Olivier. "Somebody's speaking up for me.  Somebody's speaking up for the public. I appreciate that."

Olivier added, "I think Forever Young has a responsibility to come back to Oregon and pay their customers back for services that were not rendered. And an apology."

The Oregon Attorney General's Office is still investigating the Forever Young complaints. If you have a complaint against Forever Young, you can file it here.

KATU reported on extensive complaints against Forever Young and the Attorney General's investigation in March 2013, and has done a number of stories since.