From haggling to after-Christmas sales, here're some last-minute tips

From haggling to after-Christmas sales, here're some last-minute tips

Last-minute gifts that arrive in seconds

If you put off your shopping until the very last minute, there is still hope. There are gifts you can buy on Christmas morning that will arrive in seconds.

Here are some e-gifts online you can find online that can be delivered by email: e-books, audio books, movies, movie service subscriptions, music, music subscription services, video games & apps & gift cards.

You can print out cards for some of them to give to the person getting the gift. For some, you can schedule the emails to arrive at a certain time. Others will arrive in the gift recipient's inbox as soon as you buy them.

Learning to haggle

Some shoppers think prices are set at big box stores. But more stores have added price-matching policies, so shopping experts say it does not hurt to try to ask for a better price.

  • Start by researching prices online.
  • Print out the ads or bring them on your smartphone.
  • Do not wait until you are at the counter. Instead, ask an employee on the floor about the lower price. If the employee can't help you, ask to speak to a manager.
  • If the store will not match the price, ask for something else, like a 10 percent discount or free shipping.
  • Always be polite and friendly.

After-Christmas sales starting before Christmas

Diane Victoria loves to shop after the holidays when stores often offer big discounts.

"That's where I kick it in. I'm all about the sales," said Victoria while shopping at Bridgeport Village in Tigard. "Oh, heck yeah! Why not?"

This year, the after-Christmas sales are starting early, before Christmas itself. You can already find some advertisements for after-holiday sales online.

Shopping experts say you can usually find discounts on holiday decorations and decor for your home, Christmas candy and food, winter clothes, toys and fitness equipment. They suggest you wait until mid-January before you look for deals on electronics, because the big electronics show in Las Vegas is at the beginning of January and companies will often offer big discounts after that.

Shoppers like Allie Walter of Lake Oswego say they plan to be in the stores after the holidays.

"If you get gift cards, doing shopping for new stuff, also returning stuff or getting more," said Walter.

But Victoria knows what she is looking for.

"Christmas decorations, not just for the tree, things for the house, Christmas lights for outdoors," she said. "And then things like winter wear. It's my favorite time to pick up sweaters, hats and gloves. It makes next year's Christmas list a little bit easier because you already have a few things put aside."