Psychic didn't honor money-back guarantee, customers say

Psychic didn't honor money-back guarantee, customers say »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore – Customers went to a Portland psychic looking for some love and life advice that came with a money-back guarantee. What they couldn’t predict, however, was the struggle to recover their cash that would ensue.

The psychic goes by the name Paulina and claims she can see the future. When a customer named Tara stopped by, Paulina first played the love card.

“I see that you are meant to be with somebody,” Tara remembers Paulina saying. Tara agreed to speak with KATU about her experience but did not want us to publish her last name or show her face.

Tara was pregnant and single at the time, and uncertain about her future. She went for a tarot card reading at Psychic Cottage in Southeast Portland first out of curiosity.

Over time, she began to trust Paulina and her promises about the father of her baby who was no longer in her life.

“She pretty much says she knows you are meant to get together with this person,” Tara said. “That’s your soul mate and this is what the cards say.”

According to Tara, Paulina claimed she could bring the lovers together, but first she needed money to make her energy more powerful.

Paulina charged $600 with a money-back guarantee.

“I guess she just preys on your weakness and desires for the moment,” Tara said. “If she gets you at a vulnerable spot she can pretty much talk a good game.”

Paulina also played the love card for Tara’s friend Ashley, who also didn’t want us to publish her last name.

“My life is going really well except for my love life,” Ashley said.

“She told me there’s negativity all around me and I would need to do energy work, which is 100 percent refundable,” Ashley recalled.

Ashley paid $2,000, money she said the psychic claimed would make her work more powerful. She thought she had nothing to lose since there was a money-back guarantee.

“I would get it back after the energy work was done,” Ashley said.

In the end, both Ashley and Tara said they weren’t satisfied and asked Paulina for their money back.

Ashley said she heard a series of excuses from Paulina about why she could not get her the money back:  Paulina was in the hospital, Paulina’s husband was sick, her sister was in a car crash.

Tara said she heard similar excuses from Paulina: her mother died, her brother died, she was in a car crash or had to leave town.

That’s when Tara and Ashley reached out to the KATU Problem Solvers for help. We first checked Paulina’s Better Business Bureau rating, which was an “F”.

Then we set up an appointment to get our energy read and have a tarot card reading done.

During the appointment, Paulina didn’t detect that she was speaking to an undercover investigative reporter looking into her business.

Later, we came back with our camera rolling to ask Paulina some questions. She said she didn’t want to be recorded and refused to speak right then. She did, however, say we could call her later.

“Number one, I’m not some liar, fly-by-night person,” Paulina said. “I don’t work with them. I don’t do things like that.”

Over the course of multiple phone calls Paulina first denied she had complaints against her, then admitted she was the target of complaints and eventually screamed obscenities at us.

Paulina claimed she never said she could predict the future, adding “only God can predict your future.”

In fact, on her website Paulina does claim to predict the future.

Her website also references readings by “Sara.” That name comes up on her receipts and is associated with the California address on her business license. 

That address leads to a business called “Psychic Predictions by Sara,” which has a number of online complaints describing similar situations that Tara and Ashley encountered.

“I don’t feel it’s legitimate,” Ashley said. “It’s a money game of how much money she can get.”

If you have problems with a business, you can file a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General’s office or the Better Business Bureau.

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