Save hundreds of dollars with new discounted lightbulbs

Save hundreds of dollars with new discounted lightbulbs »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Problem Solvers have an enlighting way to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

It's easy as changing as a light bulb. These light bulbs are even better than the ones you saw in stores last year. And they're being sold at a discount by many Oregon retailers.

Jeanette Guntle's home in North Portland is a 105-year-old charmer. Over the years, the home's many owners likely have changed more than 7,700 incandescent bulbs - the ones invented by Thomas Edison - but not anymore.

With the help of Energy Trust of Oregon, Guntle has switched out all her bulbs to new improved LEDs and CFLs. She says the light quality is warm and inviting.

"I was actually surprised, because when we used the old CFLs, which we've had for 10 years, we had to wait for them to warm up," explains Guntle.

LEDs also work on a dimmer switch; only some CFLs will work on a dimmer.

But the real turn-on is the savings. For example, Guntler changed 74 bulbs - 60 LEDs and 14 CFLs.  The new bulbs cost $483. She saved $200 because of new Energy Trust of Oregon discounts being offered. Just in the first year, she'll save an estimated $740 on her electric bill.

"My kids may be married or have their own houses before we have to change these again," laughs Guntler,  "so I already told my husband that we're not moving."

And if they do, they're taking the bulbs with them.

There are 20 stores statewide selling discounted LEDs and CFLs through Energy Trust of Oregon. You don't need coupons. The bulbs on the shelves are priced at the discounted rate. Click here for a complete list of retailers.
"It's more affordable than it ever has been to try the better CFLs or give LED lighting a try, if you haven't before," encourages Lizzie Rubado with Energy Trust of Oregon.

Here's how the new energy-efficient bulbs compare:


  • Last up to 25 years
  • Use 85% less energy than incandescent bulb
  • Save $11/year per bulb
  • Cost as little as $5 per bulb


  • Last average of 7-10 years
  • Use 75% less energy than incandescent bulb
  • Save $6/year per bulb
  • Cost as little as $1 per bulb

If you're confused when you go shopping, look for the new lighting facts label on the packaging.  It's like a nutritional label for the lightbulb that shows brightness, estimated energy cost, and life expectancy.