Saving gas money on your summer road trip

Saving gas money on your summer road trip »Play Video
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We all feel a little pain at the pump, especially when we hit the highways for summer road trips.   The Problem Solvers crunch the numbers to reveal which gas discount programs offer you the biggest bang for your buck.

Here's how you can make the money you're spending at the grocery store work for you at the gas station.

  • When you scan your QFC Advantage or Fred Meyer Rewards cards at the pump, you get a 3-cent per gallon discount.
  • When you spend $50 in a single transaction using your Safeway Club card, you save 10-cents per gallon at Safeway gas stations, though there are only two in our area - Murray Hill and Milwaukie.

You also can earn points toward gas discounts at all these grocery stores.   The programs are similar:

  • If you scan your shopping loyalty card at the grocery store, you earn 1 fuel point for almost every dollar you spend.
  • If you earn 100 fuel points in a calendar month, you can redeem them for a 10-cent per gallon savings that same month or the following month.  For 1000 points, it's a dollar a gallon off.
  • For QFC and Fred Meyer cards, the discounts are redeemable at Fred Meyer or Shell stations.  There's a 35-gallon limit; one vehicle only.
  • For Safeway cards, discounts are good at Safeway gas stations and participating Chevron and Texacos, but those points are only good at Chevron and Texaco for four hours after they're earned.  The limit is 25 gallons for one vehicle.
  • To keep track of all your points, simply download the grocery store's app on your phone.    

On top of that, you can sign up for a gas station credit card.  For example, the Shell one allows you to earn an additional 5-cent per gallon discount.

Or you can use a traditional credit card that has a cash-back program.  Those cards will vary on the percentage you get back at gas stations, so do your research and use the card that rewards you the most every single time you fill up.