Roofing contractor is in jail, but what about his customers?

Roofing contractor is in jail, but what about his customers?

PORTLAND, Ore. – Now that the roofing contractor known for his TV commercials is in jail and his business location is closed what are the ramifications for his customers?

Robert Swain of Robert’s Roofing Service in Gresham was arrested Tuesday after one of his former clients said Swain broke into his house to hide out.

Swain appeared in court Tuesday on numerous charges, including some for drugs and guns.

If you were one of his customers and had problems with his work, you may be able to get help, but you do need to act quickly.

Nine complaints against Robert’s Roofing are awaiting investigation at the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB).

The CCB says if you have problems with the workmanship on your roof, you can file with the CCB. You have one year to file from the end of the roofing project. After that, you would have to try on your own – for example, small claims or with an attorney.

You may have a warranty for materials. That goes through the manufacturer, not Robert’s Roofing. If you have a service guarantee through Robert’s Roofing, like free service for the life of the roof, the CCB says you may be on your own.

If you do file with the CCB and your claim is valid, you could get part of Robert’s Roofing’s bond - $20,000. But file quickly to get your place in line for that money or it could run out.

That same deadline applies to anyone who has a problem with a contractor in Oregon – you have a year to file. And it’s a good idea to file sooner rather than later, because the first people have a better chance of getting the bond money.

In addition to the nine new complaints against Swain, there is a record of 13 complaints filed in the past that have been resolved. The CCB says Swain did fix the situation. But the CCB says about a year to a year and a half ago, that didn’t happen as much and the CCB didn’t get the same kind of cooperation from him as they did in the past.