Local rinks offer kids a chance to try hockey for free

Local rinks offer kids a chance to try hockey for free »Play Video

If your kids are watching Olympic hockey and loving it, there is an opportunity for them to try the sport themselves for free.

It's called Try Hockey For Free Day, and it's coming up on March 1.

Kids ages 4 to 9 can try their hands, and feet , at two local rinks:  Mountain View Ice Arena in Vancouver, at 8:40 a.m., and Winterhawks Skating Center in Beaverton at 4:10 p.m. Check in with the rinks for information on registration and gear.

Sawyer Beus, 8, tried hockey during a similar event in November. Now he plays regularly.

"It's like a combination of football and soccer. It's just combined into one awesome sport," said Beus.

If your child is unable to do the Try Hockey For Free event, there are other ways of trying hockey, though they cost money. Local rinks also have learn-to-skate and learn-to-play-hockey programs, that let kids move into the sport gradually.

Parents can also buy used equipment for kids at local hockey shops.

There is also a new hockey program for girls, ages 4 to 11. The Rose City Hockey Club provides practice for girls wanting to try hockey, and lets them borrow gear to see if they like the sport.

Eight-year old Samantha Blacker has decided, after trying the Rose City Hockey Club practices, that hockey is for her.

"I wouldn't say I love it, I would say I tremendously, tremendously love it!" said Blacker.

Click here for information on learning to play hockey.