Woman says she got food poisoning from Nutrisystem meal

Woman says she got food poisoning from Nutrisystem meal
A picture of a moldy NutriSystem dessert the woman gave to KATU.

A West Linn woman lost weight on the Nutrisystem diet program for all the wrong reasons. She says the food made her violently ill.

"I had a few pounds I wanted to lose," says Filomena Bohannan, a new Nutrisystem customer.

Her box of food with 90 meals arrived Aug. 25. The dinners were shipped from Nevada in the late August heat. Upon arrival, Bohannan opened a box of lasagna.

"I know how lasagna is supposed to look like," says Bohanna.  "It didn’t look good at all."

 Against her better judgment, she heated it up.

"I ate a couple of bites, but it tasted terrible," recounts Bohannan. "So I said, that's it for me."

She turned to something sweet: a pre-packaged Nutrisystem cake.

"This is what it looked like," says Bohannan, as she holds up a photo. "That's mold."

She did not eat the cake. But later, she was doubled over in pain, like contractions in child birth.

"You know you see (pregnant) women in movies that scream," explains Bohannan. "I didn't scream, living in a condo, but it was terrible."

After tests, Bohannan's doctor diagnosed her with inflammation of the colon. Her doctor told her it likely was due to food poisoning.    

She tried to contact Nutrisystem but only got the run-around. She was out $144 plus a week's worth of missed wages.   
And her weight loss program?

"During this ordeal, I've lost about five to six pounds," says Bohannan. "That is not the way you want to lose weight."

The Problem Solvers contacted Nutrisystem. The company now has given Bohannan a full refund and is looking into whether the food that was sent may have been spoiled.