Your back-to-school shopping survival guide

Your back-to-school shopping survival guide »Play Video

If you have not finished your back-to-school shopping, don't worry.

We have your back-to-school shopping guide ready to go, so you can get it all done efficiently and save money at the same time.

Local super shopper Julie Parrish explained her strategy for getting your back-to-school supply shopping done this weekend.

Parrish used to run a coupon website called before she ran for office. She is now an Oregon State Representative.

"You can really save a lot of money," said Parrish.

The first step: get the supply list from your child's school at the school's website. If you can't find the list, contact the school or look for the lists at stores like Walmart, Target and Fred Meyer.

Then, check your house to see if you have any of the supplies already on hand. Also, ask neighbors and friends if they have any leftover items they are not using, like calculators.

On Saturday morning, check ads to see what is on sale from last weekend, because the sales will still apply throughout the day. The new ads come out on Sundays.

Her former site and other sites like DealNews, put ads, offers and coupons together for you.

"Then you can do it from the comfort of your recliner and not have to spend the gas running around," said Parrish.

Parrish said to check ads for tech stores for things like flash drives, batteries and CDs and make a trip there Saturday.

She said the new ads for Fry's come out on Fridays, rather than on Sundays.

"The tech-type items, try to buy them at a tech-type store," said Parrish. "You're just going to get a better price on them."

Also on Saturday, you can pick an office supply store that has some loss leaders, like one-cent rulers, and stop there for their best deals.

Then, on Sunday, check out the new ads and finish up at a one-stop shopping place like Target or Fred Meyer.

Parrish said good prices for supplies include $1.99 for one-inch binders, 49 cents for composition notebooks and 19 cents for spiral notebooks.

She said you should stock up on extras of these kinds of low-priced items so you can use them later in the year, when prices are up and selection is down.

"Come January, notes come home from the teachers: we need more glue sticks, we need more pencils, whatever the need is," said Parrish.

She added that it is also a good idea to grab a bunch of the super-cheap, loss-leader-type items to donate to kids whose families can't afford supplies.

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