"Add 1 Job" campaign nets new hire

"Add 1 Job" campaign nets new hire

DALLAS, Ore. - Mak Metals posted a job opening in the "Add 1 Job" section of KATU.com and a hired a new employee after someone saw the job posting.

Ken Willmes saw the job opening on KATU News when Mak Metals was profiled. The company makes high-end outdoor grills.

Willmes was laid off from a tech company in McMinnville three years ago and has been looking for work ever since. Then he found the "Add 1 Job" posting for an apprentice at Mak Metals.

Tuesday was his second day on the job.

"We were actually contemplating the week before I saw the ad here what we were going to be doing," he said. "If we were going to be putting the house up for sale, staying in it until they foreclosed on it or what. We were at that point."

Now Willmes is training at a new job in a new industry. And he said for the first time in a long time he has something to look forward to.

Mak Metals has recently hired three new employees and still has an opening on KATU's "Add 1 Job" site for a welder.